Reverse Mortgage Red Flag, AARP Lawsuit vs. HUD

Per the article Published: March 11, 2011 in the NY Times , titled “YOUR MONEY, A Red Flag On Reverse Mortgages” By RON LIEBER , “This week, AARP sued the Housing and Urban Development Department over a handful of reverse mortgages gone awry. Lenders, following the letter of one of HUD’s rules, are requiring newly widowed people who want to stay in their homes to pay off the balance of their loans quickly, even if it is much more than the value of the home. Because they can’t (or won’t), the lenders are foreclosing.        This is happening only to a small number of people who did not have their names on the reverse mortgage for a variety of reasons. Some spouses did not put their names on the applications in order to qualify for a bigger loan, without necessarily realizing that they were putting themselves in jeopardy.”


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